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Fill for Liangchi cooling tower

Fill for Liangchi cooling tower

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  • Release date:2017-04-06
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Detailed introduction

Product material: PVC / modified CPVC

Regular size: Height × Length (radial drawing)





Sheet thickness: 0.28mm0.45mm

Corrugation height: 19mm

Color: Black

Operating temperature: -20℃~68

Product description: cross-cooling tower, suspending and adhesive bonding are available, positive angle Applicable to the maintenance and reconstruction of Liangchi cooling tower.

    The thin film design is employed. In order to increase the heat radiating area and reduce the windage resistance fill surface, the hemisphere concavo-convex particle design is employed. With taking into account the particle arraying direction, as well as the air flow and water film angle, it makes the water can flow downward vertically along the heat dissipation material surface. The interval between packing sheets is the same, it is good for the air flow to pass through, so it has the best heat dissipation effect.  

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