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Product details

Product material: PVC / modified CPVC

Existing size: Height × Length (radial drawing)

 Any height × 150mm

 Any height × 300mm

 Different sizes can be customized according to requirements.

Sheet thickness: 0.25mm0.45mm

Corrugation height: 6mm-30mm

Color: Black/Blue/Green/Transparent

Operating temperature: -20℃~68

Product description: The wet curtain, also named water curtain, is mainly applied to the cooling system, humidifying system, and filtering system. It has a honeycomb structure and is made of hydrophilic original wood pulp paper through a special processing process. It cools down the ambient air mainly through water evaporation, and the vapor can regulate the air humidity. The vapor is absorbed by and attached to the dust in the air to form smoke particles, thus realizing the purpose to regulate air humidity and purify air. It is widely applied to greenhouse gardening for cooling, ventilation and air exchange. It can effectively improve the influence of the high-temperature and sultry air toward floral crops.

The environmental fill (environmental water curtain) produced by Guangzhou Hesheng Plastic Industry Co., Ltd. is made of modified PVC materials, and is aging resistant and sun-resistant. It can be directly washed with water, so its usability is far better than paper curtain. Suspending and adhesive bonding are available, and the angle is positive angle. It is applicable to various kinds of environmental cooling and various kinds of dust removing devices (especially, applicable to the environment with quite much dust). 

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