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Marley type Cooling Tower Drift Eliminator

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  • Release date:2020-11-26
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Detailed introduction

Product name: Marley type Cooling Tower Drift Eliminator

Product material: PVC / modified CPVC

Regular size: Height × Length (radial drawing)


Sheet thickness: 0.30mm0.45mm

Color: Black

Operating temperature: -20℃~68

Product description:The eliminator discharge angle is important enough to warrant two separate eliminator designsone for crossflow and one for counterflow towers. Tests show the air direction leaving the eliminator is extremely importantimperfect designs create additional work for the fan.

                    Low drift rate is the primary goal of eliminator design. Low drift rates are the primary goal of eliminator designs with eliminator yielding typical drift rates of 0.0005% of the total gpm. Lower drift rates may be achievable depending upon tower configuration.

Eliminators require little or no maintenance. If it becomes necessary to clean them, care must be taken not to physically damage the PVC eliminator packs. For loose deposits of silt, fibers, etc., a water spray can be used, provided the spray nozzle is kept moving continually and the water pressure is not excessive (recommend less than 30 psi).

Marley type Cooling Tower Drift Eliminator

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