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Water-spraying sheet

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Water-spraying sheet

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Detailed introduction

Product material: PVC / modified CPVC

Width: 200mm1500mm

Sheet thickness: 0.18mm0.65mm

Color: Black/Blue/Green

Operating temperature: -20℃~75

Product description and main characteristics: High temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, durability, and weather resistance

According to the general trend, Guangzhou Hesheng Plastic Industry Co., Ltd. employs foreign production technologies to firstly and independently develop and produce CPVC contained water-spraying sheets used for cooling towers in China.
I. Evolution of CPVC
The main raw materials to make Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC-C) are PVC and chlorine, so in theory we can say CPVC is made of PVC through the re-chlorination process. It owns high temperature resisting performance (the long-term operating temperature reaches 93oC), dull and inactive chemical properties, excellent mechanical strength, and the safest non-flame property and fume property, and it is clean, antibacterial, environmental and sanitary.
From the viewpoint of use, CPVC at the preliminary stage of development was firstly applied to the cold and hot water field for the people's livelihood. As its acceptability increased gradually, and its application was constantly extended to the fields of direct drinking purified water system, deionized water system for the electronic industry, cold and hot water system for air conditioning, hot spring hot water system, solar water heating system, and other brand-new fields. On the people's livelihood market of North America, CPVC and the copper pipe system together took a leading place. Up to now, it has reached a market share of 30%. The application of CPVC into the industrial field was a little late, but not long after the appearing of CPVC, a lot of foreign traditional industries and high-tech industries immediately started to specify the use of CPVC materials due to their excellent properties.
II. Temperature Resistance of CPVC Water-Spraying Sheet
Comparing with the common thermal fluid transport systems consisting of ABS, PP, PPR, PB, PEX, etc., CPVC can reach the highest practical persistent operating temperature, up to 93oC. The systems consisting of other materials, such as PVC and ABS, cannot met the common hot water requirements, 80oC, and the systems consisting of PP, PPR, etc., have very limited bearing capability under high temperature. Such systems have very short service life without reasonable practicability. From the following comparison table prepared by ISO, we can learn this clearly.
*Under 82oC, LTHS comparison - Under the environment of 82oC hot water, the change of material hoop stress during the period of persistent operation; the straight line turning point indicates that the material has already been not suitable to bear pressure

Therefore, we can prove that CPVC can not only retain the maximum pressure bearing capacity, but also provide the longest service life. The water-spraying sheet produced by Hesheng can resist a temperature of 75oC at most.

III. Corrosion Resistance of CPVC Water-Spraying Sheet

CPVC contains plenty of chlorine atoms to weaken chemical combination and therefore owns very good chemical corrosion resistance. Its overall corrosion resistance capability is between that of PVC and PVDF. It is inert for most mineral acids, alkalies, salts, and high molecular weight aliphatic hydrocarbon, and has good performance to resist against strong oxide and halogen family elements.
IV. Weather Resistance of CPVC Water-Spraying Sheet
The CPVC water-spraying sheet produced by Hesheng has superb use performance. The main reason is the special CPVC material prescription. The suitable amount of titanium dioxide and other professional ultraviolet inhibitor enables powerful anti-UV capability of CPVC. Comparing with PVC water-spraying sheets produced by common manufacturers at present, it have very different performance.
V. Durability of CPVC Water-Spraying Sheet
The purpose of CPVC water-spraying sheet produced by Guangzhou Hesheng Plastic Industry Co., Ltd. is for the maximum application performance. We constantly use the developed materials to do experiments for improvement and carry out production according to requirements of cooling power manufacturers, so as to meet the requirements of manufacturers in time efficiency, economy, temperature resistance and service life.









Tensile   strength

MPa   23oC







Coefficient   of thermal expansion

X10ˉ4   Kˉ1








Heat   conductivity coefficient








Limit   oxygen index


(flame   resistance index)






Oxygen   permeation 70oC   CM3 Day Atmosphere








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