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BAC Type cooling tower fill

BAC Type cooling tower fill

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  • Release date:2020-11-26
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Detailed introduction

Product name: BAC Type cooling tower fill

Product material: PVC / modified CPVC

Regular size: Height × Length (radial drawing)

          Any Height × 1330mm

Sheet thickness: 0.30mm~0.65mm

Corrugation height: 19mm

Color: Black

Operating temperature: -20℃~68℃

Product description:BAC cooling Tower Fill is one of the most important components for exchange of air and water in cooling tower. It is also the main part to improve the efficiency of cooling tower and ensure the economic and safe operation. The specially designed packing surface shows S-shaped step wavy, with good heat dissipation performance, small ventilation resistance, durability, flame retardant and other advantages, widely used in different types of large, medium and small cooling towers.


BAC Type cooling tower fill

BAC Type cooling tower fill

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