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Industrial cooling tower fill

Industrial cooling tower fill

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  • Release date:2020-11-26
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Detailed introduction

Product name: Industrial cooling tower fill

Product material: PVC / modified CPVC

Regular size: Height × Length (radial drawing)




Sheet thickness: 0.38mm~0.65mm

Corrugation height: 32mm

Color: Black/Transparent/Blue/Green

Operating temperature: -20℃~68℃

Product description: Counterflow cooling tower, hyperbolic cooling tower, large scale industrial cooling tower, adhesive bonding Applicable to the thermal power industry, paper-making industry, chemical industry, and other industries

  The S-corrugation water-spraying fill is developed by China Institute of Water Resources and Hydropower Research, and Hesheng is the first manufacturer to produce this water-spraying fill in South China. The reasonable design of the trapezoidal oblique corrugation is made use of sufficiently and the times of water film closure are increased, so as to make the water film is redistributed for several times and tends to be more even, increase the vertical convex retention corrugations, and promote the horizontal diffusivity of water film. In this way, the steam heat and mass transfer of fills can be more sufficient, the water film drainage speed can be reduced, the time of heat and mass transfer can be extended, and the cooling effect can be promoted.     The segment pitch of fills is large and the unit volume weight is light, so the contaminant stoppage can be prevented. With large contact area of water and gas and strong horizontal diffusivity, it makes the distribution of water film more even, the assembly weight light, and the load intensity high.   

Performance and purpose: The fill has many advantages, such as reasonable structure design, large hydrophilic area, good comprehensive performance of heat absorption and resistance, even distribution of water film, small ventilation resistance, strong bearing capacity, light unit volume weight, good cooling effect, etc., and it is mainly applied to industrial counterflow cooling tower, and power plant hyperbolic cement cooling tower. The adaptive temperature is 68℃ - minus 35℃, the flame retardation performance is good, and the oxygen index is higher than or equal to 40℃.

Industrial cooling tower fill

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