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Noise reduction cooling tower fill

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Noise reduction cooling tower fill

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  • Release date:2020-11-26
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Detailed introduction

Product name: Noise reduction cooling tower fill

Product material: PVC / modified CPVC

Regular size: Height × Length (radial drawing)


Sheet thickness: 0.30mm~0.65mm

Corrugation height: 32mm

Color: Black/Transparent/Blue/Green

Operating temperature: -20℃~68℃

Product description:Noise reduction fills are specially designed for low-noise counter-flow cooling towers. Cooling tower fans and water sprays usually make loud noises. The noise at 1m from the cooling tower equipment usually exceeds 85dB(A), which is often not meet the noise emission requirements. By using noise reduction fills and other measures, the noise at 1m outside the cooling tower equipment can be reduced by 10-30dB(A).

Noise reduction cooling tower fill

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